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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  March 21, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> break news in san francisco where police say a suspect was shot by an officer in heights park happened about an hour and a half ago. officers roped off moisture of the area as they search for witnesses. it's unclear why police shot the man or what condition he's in. witness heard as many as 16 gunshots. no officers were injured. we do have a craw on the scene and bring you any further development as they happen. reporting does continue writ now on twitter follow us at this web site to have more on abc 11 on channel
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7. >> good evening. i'm in for dan ashley other top story tonight. all out search for flight 370. it's now entering its third week. right now the search is under way ncaa and being called the most inaccessible police on earth. investigators are warning this will be a long hall. and they promise the family of the 2 39 people who were on board the plane if there's anything down there they will find it. we have the latest game plan. >> 6 search planes out from dawn until dusk. dropping marker buoy. plotting coordinate and scanning the waves but so far coming up empty. eye in the sky pinpointed these objects out in the open ocean. best lead yet. smaller one just 15 feet long. length of car. but getting a clotheser look is proving to be difficult. >> it's about the most i hope accessible spot you can imagine
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on the face of the earth. >> the ocean here is dynamic. watch this boat. tossed by the high seas. waves up to 20 feet high. winds howl. currents tear in different directions. that makes tracking any debris a challenge. the search plane have sensitive radar. infrared camp are and high res optical lens but as we witness yesterday aboard the navy ship a pod of dolphins look like debris from a distance. the only reliable instrument low tech. the human eye. >> the mark 1 moderate 1 eyeball. it's old fashion but it works. >> eventually there may be eyes under water too. submersible like this used to help locate air france 447. >> that was david wright reporting. it has been a difficult week for family with loved ones on board malaysian airline flight 370. jet
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disappeared on march 8 to beijing. patrick gomez is the chief steward of the flight. he has 3 daughters, son and grandson rafael waiting at home for news. his wife jackie says she keeps calling his cell phone praying he's still alive. >> i call him on the phone and hoping he will be fichbility rafael thinks his grandpa is at would. too young to understand is what happening. since the disappearance patrick family has been burning this candle so he can find his way home. >> we are following this developing story on air and on line. reporting tips right now on twitter at this web site and we have update on the 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> tonight motorcycle list to recover after being hit by a man on bicycle running a red light in san francisco. happened early this evening at the busy intersection of 13 and
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mission street. motorcycle list lost control and slammed into a tree suffering serious injury. another motorcycle slammed into the buy cyclist injuring him. investigation just started so nobody cited just yet. >> 14-year-old boy was taken into custody today in dublin in connection with 3 bomb threats made against schools in helena, montana this week. police say he used some sort of electronic did he stris call in the bomb threat monday wednesday then again this morning which forced evacuation of all schools in helena. police believe the boy was detained and released to his parents. unclear what connection if any he has to helena, montana. >> case of neglect out of salinas shocked even seasoned police officers. 2 women accused of abusing and starving 3 children in their salinas home. 31-year-old ericka craig and 44-year-old christian arrested after police found the children suffering from severe
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mall newer issuement and abuse. david has the story. >>reporter: the house sits on busy road just outside salinas. but behind the covered window nobody seemed to know what was going on inside. neighbors say they never saw children outsid outside. 33-year-old erica craig and 44-year-old christian and accused of denying food to 2 adopted children 5-year-old boy and 8-year-old girl and to the 3-year-old biological child of one of the women. the condition disturbed even veteran of law enforcement who have handled child abuse cases before. >> the little girl seemed to have been traumatized more than the others and it being described as someone that looks like came out of a concentration camp is certainly never a good characterization and yet in the fact it appears she was actually chained to the wall to keep her from eating. those are the kind of facts that really tear at you. >>reporter: abc 7 news has confirmed that craig worked at prison guard in new mexico for over three years. yard has to
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toys scattered about and 2 dog on the property they appear neglected. sheriff says the children homeschooled leaving condition undetected by others. all 3 children have been placed in foster care by child protective services services. they may need help in dealing with adults. >> the experience of maltreatment does leave to distrust. does lead to the own perspective on the world. >> mall nutrition may lead to health issues with long tirm packet. this doctor is an emergency room physician at the health care system. >> tu sustain long-term psychological and emotional physical damage from chronic mall nutrition in growing development child. >> they remain in jail in lieu of bail. in salinas abc 7 new news. >> somber memorial service mark the passing of 4 oakland police officers shot and killed by wanted parolee 5 years ago today. sergeant mark did you
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know began and officer john haig shot and killed by 26-year-old nixon during a traffic stochlt nixon then barricaded himself inside an apartment and opened fire on s.w.a.t. team sergeant tchlts tradition until catholic mass marked the anniversary. law enforcement officers from agency across the bay area came to remember the fallen colleagues. oakland interim chief says officers risk their lives every day. >> it's important to realize that people that may have lost their lives in the lien of duty they never forgot. all part of the family and important for us to remember them. >> deadly shooting was the first time 4 officers have been killed on the same day in california since 1970. >> iraq war veteran and anti-war activist injured during occupied demonstration 2 and a half years ago has reached settlement with the city of oakland. 26-year-old scott olson will receive 4.5 million dollars. he was struck in the head with a lead filled
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bean bag fired by oakland police officer. kim has more on today's developments. >> there is a portion of my left frontal lobe which is will always be dead. >> for the past 2 and a half years 26-year-old scott olson has had to relearn to talk, cope with headache and memory loss. oakland police officer shot iraq war veteran and anti-war activist in the head with lead filled bean bag during occupy demonstration. today with the lawyers olson announced 4 and half million dollar settlement with the city of oakland. >> certainly no amount of money could be 1 million dollars won't give me my brain back. so you know i'm not happy. but the i think this is enough. the olson lawyer provided this video of him in the hospital not long after theen counter. he will never fully recover from the injuries. olson permanent brain damage that
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kept him from holding down a job in written statement the mayor says we regret that mr. olson suffered the injuries and hardship and i want oakland to know because of the evening event we determine constructive step to determine our policing procedure but the lawyers say nothing is going to change until oakland police stop using so-called less than lethal weapons. >> bean baggies all a euphemism all weapons that are fired from guns can kill someone or cause permanent injuries and should not be deploy entered crowd. >> as for olson not sure what the future holds but says he can now focus on become ago productive person. >> now that it has been resolved i'll have more of a an idea of won't have to think about that and find out what i can do. >> in oakland abc 7 news. >> there's another notable pay out for oakland. this week the city council agreed to 3 million dollar settlement with the cyclist who seriously injured after crashing in the oakland hills in 2011. she was
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riding downhill on mountain boulevard at ascot drive and the on ramp. 35-year-old suffered injuries to face head jaw and teeth and sued arguing pot hole made the ride dangerous. the city fixed the pot hole and the settlement has to be finalize and could be the biggest pay out of its kind. >> judge today refused to withdraw a one year jail sentence for former san francisco supervisor who lied about living in his district. ed wanted the june to strike the punishment since he finished serving 4 and a half year sentence in federal prison but that was for trying to ex tort 80,000 dollars from the owner of a restaurant who wanted to open up in the sun set district. the entire ordeal was caught on camera. in court jew said he was glad he was caught committing the crime. >> he had become a crook. had he become a liar to his people. he doesn't like what he become so he would stop before he got
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more involved in politic. >> jew is supposed to begin serving his 1 year pun i arement next month but may able to avoid jail if the judge allows alternative sentence that involves community work. >> we have a lot more ahead tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00. get ready for more scenes like this one. the warning about this year extraordinary season and what you can do to reduce the danger. >> also. the best sun screen and the burning question. if you can buy it around the worl world, why so hard to find in america? >> i'm spencer in the accu-weather forecast center with a nice first weekend of spring coming our way and chance of rain next week. i have the accu-weather forecast have the accu-weather forecast in just a moment as 7 news
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>> this is not something we are used to seeing in march. this is more typical of august. >> raging fire yesterday in pittsburgh. maybe just an indication of things to come. fire officials say due to this year drought they are bracing for a fire season like no othe other. already fire officials say conditions look more like midsummer than the start of spring. the state is in the throws of a drought with the bay area experiencing some of the most severe conditions. the area shaded red on the map are in extreme drought. dark red the maroon those areas are already in an exceptional
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drought. this as bad as it gets. laura has more. >> the flames on thursday in pittsburgh were big and hot and spread very quickly. state fire officials say they are a good indicator of what we might see for months to come starting right about now. >> we are most likely with the pat he were we have already seen going to see potentially more fires and larger fires. in fact the past several years past decade we have already begun to see significant increase in the size of wild fierce that we respond to. >>reporter: thanks to the drought the fuels in california are rip for fire. well before the normal time. despite the rains turn the grass green what lie beneath is tender dry and ready to burn. >> worries us a great deal. this is again this is something we would normally see in maybe late july early august and we are seeing this in march. so if we don't get more water more rain then this is going to be common and we see more and more
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fires like this. >> according to cal fire from january 1st to march 15 of this year the state has already had more than 7 30 wildfires. last year there were 2 93 by this time the average is 250. >> black smoke. >> judy lives in pittsburgh across highway 4 from yesterday brush fire in a couple of block from this fire station on easily land. which flows last year due to bump it cut. >> the drought with no written and the dryness of the hills and the grasses and everything around yes the fair they had of there yesterday yes really concerned me. >> according to cocoa fire this station would have been the first to arrive on thursday. instead crew had to come from much farther away. in pittsburgh, abc 7 news. >> now to the battle brewing over sun screen. some doctors are pointing out that some subpoena screen last longer and
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better for your skin. the problem is those sun screens are much easier to find outside the country. fda hasn't approved a new sun screen in more than a decade. here's ryan owens. >> beach day in rio. versus a beach day in california. it turns out those brazilian beach bum have considerably more choices than americans about how to protect their skin from the sun. sun bathers in europe and parts of latin american choose from at least 7 more uv filters. >> united states needs to suit it. >> dermatologist agree. join forces with sun block manufacturer to push the fda to approve a backlog of stronger sun screen that last longer and feel better on the 60. unfortunately the fda doesn't always accept the research and studies have been done abroad so tends to be more of a backlog through the fda. >> fda has not approved a new sun screen in 15 years. in
9:18 pm
2006 the agency did approve the breakthrough chemical but only for sale by one company. even though european have been using it since 1993. fda tells abc news it remains committed to sun screen available to consumer if enough data recognized as receive and effective. >> it would be nice to have more option to protect your skin. i mean it's important. >> very important. that was ryan reporting. fda hold a series of hearings next week to discuss the approval process. people might be,000 weekend. >> sun screen this weekend which is good news i guess for the first weekend of spring. let's get on with it. here's live doppler 7hd clear sky around the bay area right now but we mention early this evening coastal clouds developing and indeed we have a few but mainly clear right now so let's move along and take wind brisk breezy conditions earlier in the evening but the winds calmed down in most location now. only truly
9:19 pm
breezy spot right now fairfield with winds up to about 20 miles per hour. here's roof top camera looking towards the bay bridge. current temperature readings 51 in san francisco. 54 oakland. redwood city warm spot not so cool spot 59 degrees. 55 san jose and los gatos 51 half moon bay. another live view from the emeryville camera looking west ward you can see a little bit of outline of the low clouds interthe coast and background there the western sky. temperatures dropped into the upper 40's at santa rosa napa novato 55 appease at fairfield concord livermore and one more live view from the exploratorium camera at coyote tower. forecast feature are these. coastal low clouds will continue to hang around overnight. warmer this weekend than today through the bay inland we have cooler conditions tuesday wednesday with chance of rain both of those days. here's our satellite radar composite image showing the flow of cool marine air still pushing on shore but not so briskly as it was earlier in the day. and here
9:20 pm
comes the system that may end our dry pattern continue through monday. a little bit of rain on tuesday wednesday so start the forecast animation monday night at 11:00 o'clock at which point mainly dry. clouds increase by that time. weak front sweeps on through and gets even weaker pushing through the bay area on tuesday. so the first front may fizzle out without producing measurable rainfall followed by second system that come through on wednesday. seems to have a better chance of bringing us some rainfall on wednesday don't expect it to be heavy rain but it will be wet for sure. i shouldn't say for sure but we believe it's wetter than the system that pre-see it. cloud near the coast. mainly clear inland. low pressure drop to the low 40's. 43 at santa rose. 41 in napa up to the north bay. mid upper 40's in other inland location. then tomorrow look for mild conditions as coastal clouds will keep things cool at the coast. see mild conditions
9:21 pm
around the bay inland. so south bay high reach into the low 70's. we see upper 70's around 70 on the peninsula. 63 degrees downtown san francisco tomorrow. low 70's north bay. upper 70's about 70 on the east baylow to mid 70's in the inland east bay. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. warmest day in the forecast period will be monday within listened high in the upper 70's in cloudy cool chance of rain or showers those 2 day we need more rain than these systems are likely to deliver but at least we get a little dose of rain. >> thanks spencer. >> spring now officially here in the bay area and we want to thank you for sending us such beautiful weather photo. it's easy to share the pictures with the abc weather app. e-mail them to this web site or post them to our facebook page. slash abc 7 news. >> still to come on 7 news at 9:00. big step forward in the recovery of a baby gorilla born through rare c-section. through rare c-section. >>
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. >> terminally ill zoo walker got a goodbye kiss after wheeled into to see the animals one last time. mario worked as the cleaner at the zoo in the netherlands for some 25 years. the wish foundation brought mario to the zoo on stretch tore see the animals and one of the zoo giraffe reached down and gave him a kiss. >> 9 day old baby gorilla saw her mom for the first time today in san diego. after fighting pneumonia following her birth by emergency c-section called a visual introduction. first of many steps to fixcly reintroduce the
9:26 pm
baby to the troop of gorillas. one of the gorilla is the baby's mom. first time the baby left the vet hospital and had contact with her own species. >> first time the troop has seen the baby so we are proceeding slowly and beginning with visual introduction so as a group they can see the baby for the first time. >> keepers are remaining close to the baby and providing constant care. gorilla can peek at the youngster any time through the protective barrier. >> up next. breaking news update on the police shooting in san francisco. >> also celebration in crimea. are the tensions between russia and u.s. beginning to cool? >> tax refund stolen. tonight the major warning about a scam and just in time for tax day. protect yourself right now. >> some of the biggest names in silicon valley gather at the white house. what they are telling the president. another half hour of 7 news at 9:00
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>> break news from san francisco. police confirm man shot by officers in a popular park this evening has died. police were called to the park after people spotted a man with a gun on walking trail. witness tells us he heard yelling and then as many as 16 shots. no officers were injured. we do have a crew on scene. we will bring you further development as they happen. our reporting continue thes on twitter and we will have more on abc 7 news at 1 11:00 over on channel 7. >> crimea is now officially part of russia. president putin completed the app ex asian today. it has been a busy 24 hours for pint. he and the uts went back and forth slapping sanction on top officials. karen travers has
9:31 pm
more from washington. fireworks in moscow. the celebrations in crimea. today russian president putin made it official. signing into law the annexation of the crimea peninsula. no longer a part of ukraine. this week mark by sanction tit for tat between u.s. and russian u.s. slap penalty on putin inner circle chief of staff, billionaire friend and a bank so tight it would be called putin piggy bank. >> we impose cost and signal the costco increase if the situation escalates. >> next it was russia turn. yesterday putin imposed his own sanctions. been on travel to russia on top u.s. officials. including top white house aide and republic cap mccain and speaker of the house boehner. but in the signal that perhaps tension may cooling down put i hope said today he doesn't see
9:32 pm
immediate need for further retaliation. but is it too late. russian stock feeling the pressure. 2 top credit rating agency put russia on notice of potential downgrade. visa master card stop serving 2 russian bank. president putin down play the impact of sanction having on russian economy. british prime minister cameron disagrees. >> we have already seen 10% stock market this month and capitol flight down graded credit rating. >> the president is not welcome at a meeting of leaders next week. u.s. is leading international support for ukraine and russia is increasingly isolated. abc news washington toychbility rating service upgraded outlook for america credit rating by rae moving it from a downgrade watch. triple a rating is now stable. up from negative. company made the change after congress and white house postponed the debt limit battle until next year. fits describe
9:33 pm
the pros he picture for u.s. economic growth morrow bust than many other advanced nations. >> tax day is now just over 3 week away and tonight a startl startling warning. tens of thousands of americans are being contacted by people claiming to be with the irs demanding money and making threats. we now know it was single largest tax scam of its kind in history. rebecca with the new warning. >> this is coast to coast criminal go furniture ever before to get their hands on your money. the. >> this call is from the irs. >> treasury department warning tonight criminals are posing as irs agents and police telling people they owe money and must pay at once. anyone who refs is threatened with arrest. deportation or suspension of driver's license. some of the scammer even leave voice messages with call back number numbers. he was told to pay up and only with cash. >> the credit card debit card
9:34 pm
the. >> we tried dialing scam number given to us by police. it was still working. >> sorry i'm not available right now. please leave your message. >> clearly the person on the other end of that phone wants you to think he's a police officer. his voice mail picks up after one richblingt he says i'm app officer and here's my badge number. some are going even further. police say scammer even made this 911 call when a victim refused to pay u up. the scammer objective to scare the victim into thinking the police were coming to arrest him for not paying his taxes. >> that was rebecca reporting. federal judge today struck down michigan ban on same sex marriage. 2 nurse sue saying the ban unconstitutional. not clear how soon marriage can get under way. 10 years ago a majority of voters in michigan approved constitutional amendment recognizing marriage as only between a man and woma
9:35 pm
woman. busy first full day in china for michelle obama came with a surprise. first lady began her week long stay with unscheduled greeting from chip he's president. meeting came after mros bama visited a beijing high school with kind a first lady. there mrs. obama her daughters and mother practice writing the chinese character for eternal under the guidance of 16-year-old student. also played a little ping pong before touring the forbidden city. visit is like prelude between she and obama at security summit in the haig. >> bacon coffee and orange juice. prices are set to rise because of global supply problems from drought in brazil to disease on u.s. pig farm and fought just the first meal of the day being affected. pwiingt increase in u.s. fad prices in nearly 2 and a half years of government at that
9:36 pm
time a.over all inflation is low, i hope crease in food prices are forcing shop investigators search out deals and cut back. >> up next. staying safe on line. bay area student who just got a lesson from google. ahead what they learn. 7 news at 9 returns after
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>> president obama met today with ceo from leading technology internet companies to talk about privacy and spy programs. among those at the table today mark zuckerberg unrecognizable in a suit and tie, almost. he personally called the president last week to complain about the national security agency internet surveillance program. eric
9:40 pm
schmid of geeling also at today white house meeting. >> internet can be a dangerous place for kids and teens. so now one of the web biggest company wants to help kids form good habits early. jonathan bloom reports from a san jose middle school with special visit from google and distinguished alum. >> i graduate from this school. so i was here a long time ago. >> speaker pro tem of the calf state assembly. but today she's addressing a different contend of assembly. >> how many of you get open line and use google raise your hand. just about everyone. >> in a ramp full of eighth graders at fisher middle school she introduced 2 google with the company new on line safety road show. >> what you share and who you share it with could end up really saying a lot but. >> in plain english on line risk to avoid them. >> help them understand and think of it as nutritious and delicious. >> you are player 2. go ahead and type what you want.
9:41 pm
>> password face off. >> password lake that. >> no. >> what are you going to do no now. >> probably change my password. >> tips to avoid fishing. >> if i take a closer look at the web address you can see that it is completely wrong and off. >> lesson about going viral. >> just imagine if the picture was video that is going viral was something potentially embarrassing or damaging to you. >> presentation comes at time when more kids than ever before are getting on line younger ever before. i hope net doesn't look like this but like this. >> i would say about 90 percent of the kid have smart phones. i bet you it starts before he even get to us in sixth grade. >> never too soon to teach good habits. >> it's like a tattoo. difficult to make it go away. >> hope that goes viral. >> what you learn today pass it on. teach others. >> in san jose, abc 7 news. >> up next. 7 news at 9:00
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>> picture of determination. almost one year after losing her leg in the boston marathon bombing, a professional dancer madede good on her vow. david muir has her amazing come back. >> it was nearly a year ago nouvlt april 15. still arted out as gorgeous day in boston. back by her husband side on the route of the boston marathon. just returned from afghanistan. she was so excited to tell everyone adam is home. >> wept will planning ongoing to see the marathon. we just wanted to hang out together. we were celebrating the fact that he got back if without injury. just really great as
9:46 pm
we were walking towards the finish line. bomb went off. t.i wrapped my arms around him. underneath his arm. around his chest. >> adrian and her husband standing few feet away from the second bomb. her husband shrapnel to the leg, adrian accomplished ballroom dancer her foot nearly blown off. >> i remember the sam saying you may have lost your leg and i said no. no. that's not going to happen because i'm a dancer so that's not app option. >> doctors had to. amputate her lower left leg. >> so began the journey of intense rehab and intense pain physically and emotionally. her huts right there beside he her. she would spend an entire year determined to get back on her feet and determined to dance again and this week at the ted dmovrns vancouver she was about to stun the crowd. they had no idea though writ before behind the scene she was
9:47 pm
in tears. >> we stopped for a quick second rate before we walked out and i just started balling. even before i even got out there. and the stage manager was very sweet. throwing tissue at me. >> handed me the tissue now get out there and dance go do it. >> wipe the tears away and do this. >> tonight right here for the first time. you are seeing what she did. adrian dancing again. rumba with her dance parter christian. there was hardly a dry eye in the room. >> just felt i felt victorious. before the dance even started. i wasn't going to let this stop me. when i have hard days and think i can't go on or do sot tell myself i won't let him we know and that gets me right back up on my feet. >> good for her. that was david muir reporting. let's get one last check of the weather with spencer. >> okay. look at live doppler 7hd mainly clear skies in the
9:48 pm
bay area tonight but we have low cloud forming along parts of the coast lean. now wren fall deficit continue to be severe across the bay area. most locations right around the bay 8 to 12 inches of rain just to get them to the normal levels from this point in the season. of course not lakely to get that kind of rain fall. this deficit remain through the year probably and santa rosa means over 19 inches just to get to the normal level in this pope in the season. mild weather continues state wide tomorrow. sunny skies mainly warm in the interior section of the statement bay year it's cool at the coast. low cloud there but mild around the bay inland high range from low to mid 70's. hers accu-weather 7 day forecast. warm-up nice on mopped inland high in the upper 70's to near 80 degrees but then cool down sharply on tuesday wednesday as clouds thicken. chance of written on tuesday and showers on wednesday much needed rainy might add so-so we'll welcome in. >> thanks spencer. >> new york soldier returned to the u.s. less nature to meet
9:49 pm
his fiance face-to-face for the first time. army specialist joe gardener was in korea for 21 most he met lindsay on they continued their relationship through on line conversations on skype where gardener finally propose proposed. >> we have waited so long and we have had many disappointment in the past where he was supposed to come home then didn't happen. so now that he's finally here and i have got him he's not going anywher anywhere. >> so sweep. gardener met her seconds after meeting her everyone said happy ending to the love story was a long time coming. imagine just meet fiance then her parents. the spread it out. >> saying something about john parents. >> no. no my husband is wonderful. in michigan. >> all the way in michigan. >> i'm kidding. >> i know you are. >> establish ford not just happy to make the tournament.
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cardinal want to hang around awhile and another first round surprise. sport ♪
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>> coming up at 11:00. following bricking news exploratorium police shot and kill a man in a popular park. live report from the scene with the very latest. >> and fire tornado. amazing video of dangerous whirl whipped of flames. why firefighters themselves may to blame. joy us for 7 news at blame. joy us for 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. . >> all right larry here with sports march breaking madness all over the place. >> smashed. this is amazing because of so many upset. unpress denied so many over time games. it's nuts stanford rate in there among the upset first tournament appearance since 2008 and cardinal hanging around for the weekend after knocking off new mexico. this game could not have started any better for chase randall and
9:54 pm
cardinal. family and friends had about 30 people watch stick to 3 and score on the early. they come rushing back. williams only bucket of the game. cameron score 24 points. attacking. tied at 45. but stanford answer was a run of their own. randall holding the pose as he stroked it for 23. steffan in the lane and josh here. strong move. over the double team and gets the kind bounces a stanford upset new mexico 58 to 53. 10 seed of the 7 and cardinal advance to the round of 32. >> i'm just happy for our team to continue to move on. that's what this is about tournament is about to continue to win and advance and make play that were i think bee fitting of what we have done all season. guy stepped up different guy and made play when we need them.
9:55 pm
>> now the road will get more difficult for stanford. they will phase two seed kansas on sunday. jay hawk scare today but pulled away to beat eastern kentucky 80 to 69 and cal polly the miracle run comes to know a end. we have several cal polly alum up in our newsroom. sad mustang. great run in the big west tournament and get in the ncaa first game in the first 4 but spanked by one seed wiitch state. 64-37. warren buffet will keep his billion dollars of the millions who entered the contest exactly zero perfect bracket remain. as we mention this tournament filled with sprays 3 seed duke losing to 14 seed mercer. crushed almost everybody. who even knows where mercer is. talented but young squad. look at the ball movement. the 3. got a 6 year
9:56 pm
senior in jacob he had 20. tied at 51. cook. straight away. blue devil in front. but mercer a late run. foul on 3 point play. 46 seconds left. over the top. anthony white. beats mercer with the upset. 78-71 now. dance dance dance. dancing machine. watch it. i love that. yes. perfect. probably a lot of parties back on campus in macon, georgia. u-mass 11 seed tennessee. dr. dr. j went to u-mass minute men last night visited. jordan with authority. by julius the dr. irving back in the day. any way julius minute men fall to continue see. on to football now. al learn and gm
9:57 pm
note upcoming season make or brick for them. raiders gamble hoping matt can regain confidence as quarterback. raiders sent a 6 round about toybing acquire the 32-year-old qb and his 14 and half million dollar salary. shell shocked last year with this benched after throwing pick that will return for touch downs in 4 straight games. now on the upside 2 time pro bowler. he led the texan to the play off in 2012. some thought he might lead houston to the superbowl never got close but exited about a second chance here with the raiders. >> pass is the past i can't do anything to move on. and bigger better things and i'm excited for what the future holds here with oakland and just excited to get to work. any time you go through a lot of positive things or negative things you will learn from it and grow as person and player and i think any one in the
9:58 pm
business for any amount of time there is ebb and flow and peak and valley how you respond and deal with them and move forward. >> couple guy experience peek and valley and signed free agent vick. sanchez lost starting spot to smith. due two million dollar roster bone sows jets didn't pay. that they would cut him. 1 year deal with the jets for might have million dollars. chance to compete against smith for the starting spot in new york. giants and a's next week in the bay bridge series. tonight they square off in scottsdale. real happened looks like this. see a doctor immediately. the struggle this spring but lack good tonight. 4 innings. struck out z.4th inning trouble for the a's routine grounder. josh and can't field the hospital. score 3 batters later and single off season gray and giants go on to we
9:59 pm
know 3-nothing. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> thank you so much larry. for all of us here thanks so much for watching. 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook and all the mobile device with the new tv news app have a good night see news app have a good night see you at 11:00 over on
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[♪] jeff [narrating]: it was my friend abed's birthday. i had met abed at community college two years earlier. his obsession with pop culture had always alienated him. he'd quote movies, pretend life was a tv show. he watchcougar town. it was as if he didn't want people to like him. then this year, around christmas, he had some kind of, i don't know, mental episode,


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